About 11th Street Cafe and Reviews

Located in the heart of New York’s West Village, 11th Street Cafe is a neighborhood coffee shop with a small, friendly staff of passionate baristas.  Our coffee is from Brooklyn Roast company and fresh organic dairy is delivered daily from Upstate NY. Bagels arrive early each morning from our friends at Murray's bagel.

Whether you are in the mood for a fresh juice, a soup, or a sandwich, 11th street café is the perfect spot for any meal or snack. Also did I mention we have free wifi, beer, wine and mimosa?



Tian G.

A chill spot in the neighborhood. The setting do the cafe was great and the staff was very friendly.Got a fruit cup and a green tea latte. The quality was pretty good : fruits were fresh, and the strawberries inside were actually sweet - not that common. The matcha latte got skim milk option and the taste was a little bland to me.A nice little spot overall.


Jenny T.

DON'T COME HERE. There's better places in the areaDon't be fooled by the ambience and upbeat music of this place. Their service is terrible and they take THE LONGEST time to make simple breakfast bowls. There isn't many people here and we did not have orders in front of us so I seriously don't understand the hold up. Do not come here if you want something quick. Originally got their breakfast and granola bowls to stay but changed it take-away because they're slow. Even worse, they gave made the wrong order an insisted that this is what I ordered... and the employee gave me the worst attitude when I said it wasn't. And argued back that I ordered something else..which doesn't even make sense because it wasn't on the menu. She gave me a cheaper version of what I ordered. This is ridiculous. Never coming back.


Xandra D.

This is unacceptable. Why even serve this to someone. Would've loved a call stating you guys were out of avocado or something. Lesson learned!


Patrick G.

Wouldn't let me order a coffee while holding my tiny dog.  I live on 11th st 2 blocks from this cafe in an apartment I've owned for 7 years. That's a first for me In this neighborhood. Most will let you order inside and wait outside. They wouldn't take my order.


Ajouni S.

I have been here twice now and am so charmed by this place. The staff is so welcoming and kind, the food is delicious and consistent in quality, and the atmosphere is perfect for cozying up and getting some work done. I huddled up here on two separate occasions for hours, working and indulging and I really have enjoyed it. The egg scramble cups are a lot of food and really delicious, I've had the hazelnut coffee and vanilla chai lattes - both equally great. The wifi is strong and I haven't had any issues with my work itself, which was important to me. I was the most touched by the staff not kicking me out as they close down from 4:30pm-5:30pm to re-set and turn from a cafe to a wine bar. I am now enjoying the wine bar atmosphere here and absolutely love it as both the cafe and wine bar. Please don't change what you're doing!


Marco I.

I was looking for a place to sit outside on a gorgeous morning before work, where I could have my morning croissant and cappuccino. Yelp sent me here, and it was disappointing on all levels. Most importantly, the "outside area" that is advertised on Yelp is just 2 benches and NO table, literally nowhere to put your coffee. The SMALL cappuccino I asked for was a huge cup of milk, even bigger than Starbucks. The chocolate croissant tasted like plastic and there was very little chocolate. And of course this was EXTREMELY overpriced, even for Manhattan, at for just that. 2 stars only because it's in the West Village and there are beautiful people walking on the street.


Isabella T.

I was hesitant to leave this review because I would not want to hinder the business of a small, local shop. However, I felt that the product I received was sufficiently bad to warrant my notifying other potential customers. I came in with one very simple drink in mind: an iced oat latte. I had checked another shops beforehand with no luck. Oat milk is currently burgeoning, but definitely still relatively rare. When I stepped in here, I was pleased to be informed that the shop does indeed carry oat milk! Unfortunately, that moment was the extent of my excitement here. My latte came out tasting dirty, as in the machine hadn't been cleaned in who knows how long. Having worked as a barista in the past, I'm very familiar with the taste. This is inexcusable considering coffee is a central product at this place. The extra star is for the friendly dude who refunded my money


Teresa C.

Cute neighborhood cafe. Very welcoming and inviting. They had a delicious fresh strawberry lemonade that was the perfect thing on a hot July day. The macchiato was top notch and the coffee was a good roast. I didn't get to sample their food but everything I saw looked delicious. Very cute place.


Sarah W.

This place is amazing. They have the best blueberry muffins but you have to get there early in the morning since they sell out fast. All of the food here is great the coffee is also amazing. A really nice spot filled with locals and really kind staff. If you're lucky you might catch Julian Moore or peter Dinklage.



Its a small place. Has free ( fast!) wifi and outlet to charge your devices. Good place to work but has no restroom ):


Elaine H.

This is indeed a cute coffee shop tucked in the corner in west village - well if you still cannot find it, it is just next to the Spotted Pig, that famous burger place. 11th street cafe was opened a couple years back, when the French couple owners returned after several years in France. I wouldn't be surprised as they had had stayed in New York before moving back to France.Definitely go for that piece of cookie if you are craving sweet stuff; but do not feel bad about only getting a small cup of espresso, as their drinks are just equally good!


Andrew F.

I love this place.  Arguably the best eggs in the WV.  The egg whites, turkey and caramelized onions is my favorite.  Staff is always super nice too.  ONLY complaint is for a small black ice coffee is WAY too much.  Not a big deal I'll still come back for the food.


Victoria D.

The best coffee!!! Great atmosphere! Clean and quiet. Amazing food! A must visit!!! I had the eggs with gruyere cheese on brioche. My daughter had the tuna nicoise and loved it. Our food was fresh and hot and flavorful like our coffee. The staff was wonderful.


Oskar U.

Fantastic neighborhood cafe where you get great breakfast and lunch food, juices and coffee.  But what really sets 11th st cafe apart is the friendly, chill vibe.  The manager Morgan is warm and welcoming and Abraham is really efficient in serving customers.  Also a great place to meet your west village neighbors due to the intimate seating.


Louisa C.

I was there last week enjoying my almond milk hazelnut coffee, doing some school work when I just started counting the roaches I saw.. literally. 1, 2,7... I told the employee that there is a roach near me and that I will scream if she doesn't remove it.  She said "sorry I'm afraid of bugs let me get my other coworker". The short guy stepped on it but me and the employee were grossed out lol. She had to step outside and I just left. Minus the roaches that are crawling everywhere, I do like the coffee though.


Jessica S.

I love coffee. And I really love a comfy little coffee shop with fresh delicious coffee beverages. Just moved to the area and fell in love with my new coffee shop. This place is perfect for a quick to go cup, or to sit for a while. Perfectly brewed coffee and a simple delicious menu with heath minded options. A few little tables inside and benches outside. You can pop in for a minute or stay for an hour. Friendly staff only add to my love of this place.


Adam M.

Avocado Toast with poached eggs and spiced almonds is great, I get it every time I go. Fresh squeezed OJ is actually very good, but a little pricy. The Egg Bowls are good but don't wow. Overall highly recommend.


Michelle S.

I really enjoy 11th Street Cafe. They have great food, and offer interesting choices as well as some more traditional menu items for the less adventurous. The coffee and tea are both top knotch, baked goods are delectable, and the staff is very helpful when deciding what to order. I have loved everything I've ordered here! Blueberry muffin: yum!Iced coffee: Delish...you know it's good coffee when it doesn't need sugar!Lox Bagel: fantastic, and I love how they add sprouts.Bacon Egg Cheese: Mmm, mmm


Mai Linh N.

Lovely village cafe with beautiful pastry and the perfect latte. I couldn't be happier. Go and see what it's like to live and enjoy such a cute area with nice neighbors and their dogs (big and small )


Can I.

Small, cozy, friendly place with friendly people. Comfortable to take a break, chat with friends, and catch up your breath. Limited seating. One one outside for a group. Nice pasties, okay coffee.

About 11th Street Cafe and Reviews