All about grilling

What's better than sitting outside and cooking outside at comfortable temperatures?
Every year, I'm looking forward to the first warm and sunny days that will allow you to grill.
I love the smell of charcoal, the crackling of the fire, and the hissing of food on the grill grid.
And like last year, this year was back in April again - the barbecue season is open!
Grilling is for me a cozy get-together with friends. Dine, drink beer or wine, enjoy the last rays of the day, chatting and clapping. What's nicer than getting your week off to a new busy week.

I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm not the typical meat eater at barbeque.
Torches, pork belly and chops everything is not really mine. I like to eat neck steaks, but only organic and just juicy and not too dry. I do not like cartilage, fat and bone in pieces of meat. It just spoils my mood forever to have to sizzle on a piece of meat. That's why I rarely have a juicy piece of beef or lamb on the grill as something of the pork.
Even poultry is not so much mine.
I also usually eat sausages only fresh bratwurst and Nürnberger - everything in between I do not really like it.
Tuna steak, on the other hand, is something very fine, which I like to grill on the grill in the summer and let it fry on both sides.
Halloumi I like very much, but the consistency and the squeaking noise disturbs me.
Does it all sound pretty picky and complicated, right?
But my world is clearly that of the side dishes.
For me, grilling is more than just eating meat.
I love salads in every form: leafy salad with delicious vinaigrette, tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh herbs, etc. Pasta salads with dried tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella, potato salad with bacon and onions or homemade herbs alat - there will still be a lot to read by me this summer.
Add fresh grilled corn on the cob with home-made herb butter (more on that). Or pre-cooked potatoes in foil from the embers with herb quark or wild garlic butter. Prepared antipasti vegetables with plenty of olive oil and grilled garlic. Or aluminum foil packets with tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh herbs.
This is my barbecue world.
Add fresh bread (if my oven were not broken, my brick would probably be permanently in use for fresh baguette , Fougasse or Focaccia) and a variety of dips and sauces.
For me, grilling is homemade herb butter - a great treat on both meat and bread.
I've been making my herb butter the same for years, yet it always tastes different, depending on the amount and variety of herbs used in my herb garden. But that's what makes it so appealing.

moey's herb butter

250g of soft butter
1 dash of balsamic bianco
2 toe garlic
freshly ground coarse sea salt
freshly ground colorful pepper
1 bunch of chives
1 bunch of curly parsley
1 Bunch of basil
3 Leaves Sage
2 Mint Leaves
4 Leaves Oregano
3 Stems Thyme, of which the fine leaflets
Add the soft butter to a mixing bowl, add the balsamic vinegar, sauté the garlic cloves, season with salt and pepper and mix well.
Read the herbs, dab, pat dry and place on a large chopping board.Refrigerate until ready to use.
Can also be kept very well.
 homemade wild garlic butter on baguette
Also indispensable is homemade aioli - the recipe that will soon be followed by 😉
What does the perfect barbecue day look like for you?
What does it all mean to barbecue, what is essential?
And who else has Incidentally, I do not like mushrooms from the grill ...