California Walnut Tartlets with Cream Cheese Frosting and Walnut Caramel - or: a declaration of love to California!

California . This is far more than Hollywood glam and hippie cult. California is not just an American state, it's a way of life. Located in the west on the Pacific Ocean and bordering Mexico in the south, California is a colorful collection of influences from all over the world and perfectly embodies the highly acclaimed American Way of Life.

California Collage from left to right: Hollywood Sign in LA, elephant seals on the Pacific, Route 1

When I think of California, I see directly the thunderous Pacific, the winding coastal roads with their unique natural landscape. I see white sand beaches and jungle-like forests with old redwood trees. I see desert landscapes as far as the eye can see, mountains and rugged rocks. Lakes and bays and untouched fallow land. Wild bears and pumas still live there, as do colonies of sassy croissants or elephant seals.

There are big cities that are often eerily European, like San Francisco and San Diego with their French quarters and Victorian homes. The south is often dry and hot, with almonds, avocados, citrus fruits, and not least the famous Californian walnuts that are in my recipe today.

In the north, it's rough and wild, originally beautiful and in Napa you will find one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas of all. The European and South American immigrants have probably shaped California more than any other US state. California is the diversity of its inhabitants and their traditional traditions and customs. And yet it is as American as it can be with the Hollywood dream factory and beach houses in Malibu Beach. I see the world famous Route 1, which is best to drive in a convertible, enjoy the beautiful scenery and let the Pacific breeze blow over your nose.

 San Diego collage top: beach, bottom: PetCo stadium in the middle of town

I've seen all this a couple of times and I do not want to miss it anymore. In 2012, I was in California for the last time and now I have a very longing for country and people, especially when I look through my collected photos. Whether strolling through the San Diego's French Quarter, wandering the Hollywood Walk of Fame, whale watching in the Port of Monterey, or visiting San Francisco's famous Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. Immediately, all the memories are back in my head and I am overcome by the absolute wanderlust. Not least my roots are to blame: my grandmother and mother come from small, charming suburbs of San Francisco and my little sister has been living there for several years.

Whale watching and seals in Monterey, house in San Francisco

Special Blog Event - Win a Walnut Harvest Press Trip to California When I go to Zorra of 1 stir please aka cooking pot recently on the opportunity to win a trip to the California walnut harvest to win, I sat down directly and bluffed recipes. It was finally California that made me discover the cupcakes for me in 2009 and finally made me blog in 2011. It is unmistakable how fascinated I am with American biscuits and how it forms the basic structure of this blog.There, I found inspiration in blogging, and influences from San Francisco, San Diego, and other Californian cities left a lasting mark on me and my baking style. And that's why it should also be an American cake, which led me here in the second round and thus the top 15 participants in the raffle. Thanks to the jury for coming here!

Let's come to my contribution to this fabulous event after all the yearning and the beautiful thoughts of California. Walnuts from California packed me a very fine packet in advance, which sweetened my preparation and baking with a bag of walnut kernels, matching dough scraper and much more suitable Beach Boys CD. With such music, the California feeling MUST come easily. Thank you for that!

4-tiered walnut biscuit tart with cream cheese frosting, with pennant garland on a plate

So this is now a California Walnut Tartlets with Cream Chesse Frosting and Walnut Caramel . The IS (S) T simply California!
A small, 4-tiered cake made from juicy walnut biscuit stuffed with a classic cream cheese frosting and topped by a smooth-flowing, soft walnut caramel - that's all of it What I associate with California. Enjoying a piece of cake with your eyes closed brings California to your mouth and I see all the memories described above in front of me again. Who should not go straight for the wanderlust and longing for California?

 Closeup of walnut biscuit cake, cream cheese frosting and walnut caramel

California cuisine is very clear influenced by their immigrants and hardly an American city is as excitingly influenced as San Francisco: French pâtisserie meets Mexican spices and Asian flavors. This results in a fusion kitchen, as it stands in the book. Among others, Alice Walter with her Chez Panisse or Thomas Keller with his The French Laundry contributed decisively. That's what I wanted to bring to my tart: French pâtissier art with Californian influences, the perfect combination of California cuisine.

 A piece of the California walnut tart on the plate, the cake in the background

That's why I chose the base for a biscuit dough, which is almost a kind of meringue and thus again fusion of the finest: freshly ground walnut kernels are lifted under loosely whipped, sweetened egg whites and at not baked too high temperature to individual cake trays. The result is juicy, airy-light soils that provide the perfect foundation for my walnut tart.

That's when one of America's favorite frostings comes along: the classic Cream Cheese frosting, made only of double cream Fresh cheese, butter and powdered sugar. Complemented by a little vanilla extract it gets a very fine aroma. The frosting is perfectly creamy and does not harden completely in the fridge, but keeps its shape.

The highlight is finally a warm, soft flowing and smooth melting caramel with walnuts.I hope I took you on a small flavor trip to California, and that the Californian walnuts and Zorra jury, Sandra from From Snuggs Kitchen, and Simone from S-Kitchens are as good as my creation I like it.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be part of the Californian walnut harvest in October!

California Walnut Tartlets with Cream Cheese Frosting and Walnut Caramel - or: a declaration of love to California!

California- Walnut Tartlets with Cream Cheese Frosting and Walnut Caramel

for a four-tier cake with a diameter of 15 cm

For the California Walnut Soil

200 g californian walnut kernels
8 fresh organic eggs (only the protein is needed)
2 pinches salt
250 g finest sugar
a little soft butter for di e Form

For cream chesse frosting

500 g double-cream cheese, room temperature: 150 g butter, room temperature and very soft
150 g icing sugar, sieved
1 tbsp vanilla extract

For the walnut caramel

100 g sugar
60 ml water
75 g of Californian walnut kernels 50 g of butter and 100 g of whipped cream


It's best to start baking or bake in the morning the bottoms of the cake already the day before. Then they can cool down completely and you have enough time the next day to complete all the components.

First, the bottoms are baked : Fat with two cake tins with removable Soil (no springform), each 15 cm in diameter with butter. Here I have written something about my baking molds and a recommendation for molds. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C circulating air.

Mince the walnut kernels in a blender, multi-coater or Thermomix to fine nut flour. Do not mix on too much and not too long - the limit of nut flour to nut butter is fluid. Better chop it up and keep looking into the container. Then set aside the ground walnut kernels.

Separate 4 eggs and place the egg whites in a clean, fat-free mixing bowl or the mixing bowl of the food processor. Put the egg yolk in a cold place and use it elsewhere.
Add a pinch of salt to the egg white and stir it to a thick egg whites with the beater or the stirring hook of the food processor.
Add 125 g of the finest sugar slowly, stirring continuously under the egg whites mix. Stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved and the egg whites have turned into a shiny, airy cream.

Then carefully squeeze 100g of the ground walnuts under the egg mass and stir thoroughly. Spread the biscuit-meringue mixture evenly over the two baking tins and smooth it out.
Place the baking tins in the preheated oven and bake the dough for about 30 minutes until it reaches the surface slightly dry and gently browned. Possibly. Let it rest in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Remove the baking pans from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes on a wire rack. Then place the molds on a stable tall glass and gently push down to release the rim.This prevents later lumps in the frosting arise. Then put the cream cheese aside.
Now put the soft butter and the sifted powdered sugar in a large mixing bowl or the bowl of the food processor and make a smooth cream with the balloon whisk or the stirrers of the hand mixer. The icing sugar should be completely dissolved and the butter cream very smooth. Tablespoonful, stir the smoothed cream cheese under the butter until a very homogeneous, smooth and smooth frosting results. Finally, briefly stir in the vanilla extract. The frosting should now be spreadable. If it's too liquid, just put it in the fridge for a few more minutes.

To put the tart together, place the first bottom on a cake plate or a cake plate. Put a large blob (about 1/5 of the total) of the frosting on the walnut bottom and evenly distribute it with the help of a cake pallet or a spatula. Do the same with the other three floors and distribute the remaining frosting all around. Whether you dress the cake completely with cream or leave a slight "naked cake" effect is up to you. On top of that, the tart also does not have to be perfectly "smoothed", because that's where the caramel comes in later.

Put the tartlet in the fridge for about one or two hours, so that the cream gets on and with it In the meantime, the walnut caramel cream can be prepared.
To do this, first add the sugar together with 60 ml of water into a medium-sized pot with heavy Ground and bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil for about 10 minutes until the liquid becomes visibly thicker and also turns slightly brownish.
Add the walnut kernels and wrap with the resulting caramel.
Add the butter and cream and stir everything very thoroughly. Slightly reduce the temperature and simmer the walnut-caramel sauce gently for about 15 minutes until it is slightly boiled down to the desired thick consistency. Allow to cool for a few minutes so that the caramel is no longer too hot. But it has to remain liquid as a whole and must not be too firm. Possibly. Add a little more cold cream and mix well.

Carefully pour the warm caramel over the cake - I like it when it runs down the sides. If you do not like it, just cook a firmer caramel and just spread it on top of the cake.
Put it in the fridge for at least an hour now.
Then the cake can be cut and served.
Enjoy your meal!