Fast home cooking: Pasta with chorizo ​​and tomato sauce

Today is one of those days when in the evening you just have to go fast.
The day was long, there were many appointments, I was late at home. And most of all, I'd just like to get a plate of gyros from my favorite Greek or a pizza from the pizzeria next door.
In the long run, both are too expensive and unhealthy.
I'd rather be quick, fresh and just cook at home .
Good intentions and stuff ...

There's been such a dish for a couple of years now, that I always and always and always again like to cook. And I never get enough of it, even if I'm not the biggest pastel lover ...
It's pasta with chorizo ​​tomato sauce .
Sounds maybe unspectacular. Ok, that's it, that's it. You only need a few, high-quality and good ingredients and this simple pasta dish is just bursting with flavors!
I pulled it out of the shoals of the food blogger world and re-arm it in 2014, simply because it deserves it.

Astrid's recipe was originally from November 2010 and has been cooked many times over: spaghettini with chorizo ​​in sherry tomato sauce.
But I found it with Juliane - she's even so excited about her it has already boiled twice: in December 2010 as a linguine with chorizo ​​tomato sauce and then again in February 2012 as spaghetti with fiery chorizo ​​tomato sauce.
I have probably cooked the latter recipe a dozen times and will not tire of preparing it again and again

Over time, I've changed and varied the recipe over and over again, always the way I like it best. Sometimes I did it with spaghetti, sometimes with linguine, sometimes with tagliatelle or pappardelle. It tastes good both with fine and with wide noodles.
As already mentioned, the quality of the ingredients used is important. It must be a really good, simple durum wheat pasta for my taste. The canned tomatoes must also be of the best Italian quality and also with the used chorizo ​​I make no compromises. Once I used low-fat chorizo ​​- that does not work! The classic chorizo ​​flavor is a must-have in this dish.

So here's another variation on this dish, to my liking.
What's your favorite compilation for the pasta with chorizo ​​tomato sauce? ? Try it - true soul-food!

Prepared Pappardelle with Chorizo ​​tomato sauce and basil served

Pasta with chorizo ​​tomato sauce

for 2 servings


150 g Spanish Chorizo ​​Salami
2 Balsamic Bianco or Condimento bianco
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped or pressed
1 can of peeled Italian tomatoes in tomato juice (400 g)
1 bay leaf
250 g dried, pure durum wheat pasta
sea salt flakes, freshly ground pepper, sugar
olive oil for frying
fresh basil leaves for serving


Chop the chorizo ​​first into thin slices and then cut in half.

Put some olive oil in a large enough pot with a heavy base heat and the chorizo ​​at middle Cook with the vinegar, then add the garlic and fry.

Open the tin and chop the tomatoes with a knife in the tin, then over pour the chorizo ​​slices.They were part of the Foodist Box from November 2013, which was provided to Foodist for testing free of cost and unconditional.

For me it was the first box and I was admittedly somewhat skeptical. The content was then much better than expected. The pasta tasted really wonderful - I think there are also in durum wheat semolina and the water used in pasta significant differences in quality. I liked the result very well. Also the nature cloudy apple juice " Nachbars Garten " convinced me by taste and concept. Overall, the box was very well put together and for a foodie like me, it was very interesting to try new products and brands, which I would not have stumbled otherwise. You can buy them if you like, as long as stocks last in the Foodist Shop. Below you can see what was in the November box - there's nothing I do not like and I really liked the selection!

Foodist Box content in November 2013