Muesli of the week: home-made crunchy granola - today: strawberry crispy granola

Here we are again, at the cereal of the week. How I loved this tradition! I look forward to your suggestions and wishes for more muesli creations!
And while the strawberry season sadly says goodbye, we get the delicious fruit just in dried form in our crunchy cereal!

Today's combination has been in my mind for some time, just because of the delicious dried pieces of strawberry. The puffed wheat grains were ready for a long time and finally wanted to be processed. Overall, the mix is ​​quite simple, but super crispy and consistent in the taste. The consistency is nicely crispy and balanced, so it can be a great everyday muesli.

 homemade strawberry crispy granola in a cereal bowl

Besides the Freeze-dried pieces of strawberry, which are free of additives and therefore taste slightly sour, the muesli especially the puffed wheat - here I have again on the "healthier" (if you can call it that) organic variant of Alnatura used. Instead of plenty of sugar and glucose syrup comes here next to the wheat only honey into play. As the balance looks much better in the end and for the portion used for a complete Müslicharge Puff Wheat has just per Müsliportion 1g honey in addition. Can you do that? This time for a change but also no chocolate in the cereal! Overall, I think the mixture is quite pleasant and with the light caramel note it is also quite delicious. Enjoy it and enjoy baking!

 homemade strawberry crispy granola in a cereal bowl

strawberry crispy granola

for about 700 g of cereal (about 14 portions of 50 g each)


300 g of oatmeal, large leaf or pungent oat flakes
100 g of spelled flakes, large leaf
50 g wheat bran
50 g golden lemons
50 g sunflower oil, native and as mild as possible
60 g light syrup or caramel syrup
20 g freeze-dried strawberry pieces
50 g wheat, puffed


Preheat the oven to 160 ° C top and bottom heat.
Generously lay out a large baking sheet with parchment paper so that an edge is also raised. and spelled flakes together with the oat bran and the golden single seeds in Place a very large bowl and mix well with a large spoon.

Put sunflower oil and syrup together in a very small saucepan. Slowly heat at low temperature until well mixed. Do not over heat, just let it warm and liquid.

Pour the hot mixture over the flakes. Using a fork in one hand and a spoon in the other hand, stir the muesli mixture very thoroughly. I make movements like a salad cutlery and mix the flakes from the bottom up again and again. It is important that everything is distributed very thoroughly and that every oatmeal comes into contact with the oil mixture. When small lumps are formed, you should keep pushing them apart. It usually takes a few minutes for me to have a perfect mass with no lumps and no dry spots.

Slice the cereal mixture from the bowl onto the baking sheet lined with baking paper and place it on the tray with the help of a fork or spoon to distribute.But each oven is different, so start with 10 minutes and leave the plate a little in the oven, if the cereal is not golden brown enough. Possibly. mix thoroughly after about 6-7 minutes, press again and place in the oven again for the same time.

Remove the baking sheet from the oven and place it on a wire rack. Allow metal and cereal to cool completely. In the beginning, the cereal is still very soft when it comes straight from the oven. Only when it cools it is firm and crispy and a kind of "cereal plate". Once this is completely cooled, you can now break the muesli into pieces, divide it with a spatula or grind between the hands to the desired size.
Only when it is completely cooled, the strawberry pieces and the puffed wheat to mix carefully and loosely> After that, pack it airtight, preferably in a glass or plastic container and consume within a few weeks.