New week series: The cereal of the week! Today: Everyday Granola - The Basic Crunchy Muesli

There's a premiere at moey's kitchen!
I've been planning something forever, never can I make it in time and now I'm just starting out. With a week series!
From now on you get once a week a recipe for a specific topic from me.
Many ideas already wandered around in my head, now the enlightenment: MÜSLI !

My husband, myself, my colleagues and sure millions of other people eat cereal every day for breakfast. I'm a big muesli fan. Mostly I get prepared mixtures of Alnatura or mymuesli and vary between fruit muesli, Bircher muesli, etc. Sometimes an apple comes in, sometimes a banana, sometimes I eat it with milk, sometimes with yoghurt.

Secretly, my heart beats for granola : crunchy crunchy muesli out of the oven. With chocolate, with nut, with banana, with coconut. The ideas are bubbling over in my head!
Granola or crunchy muesli is not necessarily something for every day. It contains oil, often some kind of sugar, honey or maple syrup, which makes it more of a breakfast on the weekend.

That's why I've come up with a Granola recipe for the weekend every Friday imagine. On Fridays or Saturdays you can still go shopping and have so at the latest on Sunday breakfast Oberleckeres, homemade crunchy cereal on the breakfast table. Alternatively, you can give it away great: just fill it in a nice glass or a bag and bring it to the next brunch. There's also one or the other idea to follow.

Banner of the Weekly Series: The Muesli of the Week - Recipe for Homemade Granola

More than three years ago, I published a first granola recipe: RACHEL'S GRANOLA (muesli). For that I get very nice feedback today and I always like to do it. At peak times my colleagues had a can of it in the drawer and ate it pure, because it was so delicious. In the old blog post you will find many photos of the preparation, so I will save myself these steps in the recipes of the coming weeks. Especially since it is very easy to make crunchy muesli!

I'm glad, if you mean mine in the upcoming recipes as a suggestion to get creative yourself. Nothing is carved in stone as long as the ratio of dry to liquid ingredients is right. For example, you do not have wheat bran? Just replace it with oat bran. You do not like walnuts? Then just take hazelnuts! The imagination is almost limitless.

Granola ingredients are not hard to come by. But I absolutely recommend the use of organic ingredients, preferably of regional origin. You usually get the individual components easily in any organic supermarket or in the organic department of the normal supermarkets. But I personally like to buy them from Alnatura. Either in the Alnatura store or in any slightly larger dm drugstore. By the way, this is just my personal preference - the company does not know anything about it and has not paid me to write it here.

The more I experimented with making granola, the bigger it became Selection with me: one tastes in the finished cereal, whether it was made with acacia honey or forest honey. There is also a difference between brown sugar, whole cane and raw cane sugar. Native sunflower oil tastes a bit different from cold pressed rape seed oil, even though both are considered neutral in flavor.
So I did a lot of fiddling and small baking until the mixture was right for me. If you are in doubt, you do not need to make as much honey and sugar collection as I have. But in the recipes I always state what exactly I used.You will certainly also find your own preferences.

Besides the fact that the granola is home-made, it is important to know what exactly is inside. You can control it yourself. This is how crispy muesli usually comes up without any white sugar and unnecessary additives. One can pay attention to regionality and fall back on Fairtrade and organic products. For me personally, this is incredibly important and so tastes the crunchy cereal at the weekend just a bit better.

Homemade Crunchy Granola Everyday Granola in Glass

The amount of finished cereal always varies slightly depending on the ingredients , Usually, however, a recipe always results in a large portion, which is usually larger than a standard cereal pack. I always add the final weight to the recipes. How large the portion size should be, you can of course determine yourself. Since granola is, as I said, a little more substantial than normal muesli, I recommend about 3 neat heaps per serving in combination with fresh fruit and milk or yoghurt. Depending on the ingredients, this corresponds to about 50 g muesli per serving. That way, fat and sugar per serving are really limited.

And the nice thing is that even vegans can really get their money's worth. Vegetarian, of course, the cereal is already anyway. If you still want to give up the honey, instead simply caramel syrup, agave syrup or maple syrup. In recipes in which chocolate is involved, you then use a vegan variant accordingly. You can simply treat the finished muesli with fresh fruit, juice or a vegan milk of your choice, according to your own taste. Especially oat or almond milk goes well with granola, just like soy yoghurt.

Let's start today as a refresher to the above recipe with a very simple, simple recipe that is a standard mix can. The basis of all crunchy cereals so. Although there will always be variations, this one can not really mess with anything. I just call it "Everyday Granola". Happy Crunching!

Homemade Crunchy Muesli Everyday granola in a jar

Everyday Granola - The Basic Crunchy Muesli

for about 600 g muesli (about 12 portions each 50 g)


150 g oat flakes, pithy or large leaf
50 g spelled flakes
50 g oat bran
50 g Wheat bran
50 g sunflower seeds
50 g sesame seeds, unpeeled
50 g flax seed, to taste, here: golden sweet seeds
60 g cold pressed, neutral rapeseed oil
50 g brown sugar
2 tablespoons honey , creamy
1/2 Tl Ceylon cinnamon, ground


Heat the oven to 140 ° C convection or 160 ° C top and bottom Preheat bottom heat.
Generously lay out a large baking sheet with parchment paper so that an edge also stands up.

Oat and Dinkelflo Place in a very large bowl together with the two varieties of bran, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flaxseed and mix well with a large spoon.

Rapeseed oil, brown sugar, honey and cinnamon together in a small bowl Pot. Boil briefly at low temperature and stir until the sugar has largely dissolved.

Pour the hot mixture over the flakes. Using a fork in one hand and a spoon in the other hand, stir the muesli mixture very thoroughly. I make movements like a salad cutlery and mix the flakes from the bottom up again and again.When small lumps are formed, you should keep pushing them apart. It usually takes a few minutes for me to have a perfect mass with no lumps and no dry spots.

Let the cereal mixture slide out of the bowl onto the baking tray and distribute it evenly over the plate using the fork or spoon , The muesli should really be spread evenly over the whole sheet and pressed evenly, as if you were smoothing a cake.

Insert the sheet into the lower third of the preheated oven and bake the muesli for about 12-15 minutes until it turns golden brown and crispy and smells slightly. For me, this mixture takes about 13-14 minutes, then it is perfect. But each oven is different, so start with 12 minutes and leave the plate a little in the oven, if the cereal is not golden brown enough for you.

Take the baking tray out of the oven and put it on a wire rack , Allow metal and cereal to cool completely. In the beginning, the cereal is still very soft when it comes straight from the oven. Only when it cools it is firm and crispy and a kind of "cereal plate". Once this is completely cooled, you can now break the muesli into pieces, divide it with a spatula or grind between the hands to the desired size. Then pack the same airtight, preferably in a glass or a plastic can.

The muesli has been with me for 1-2 months and has remained crispy and delicious. Most people have so much time for nothing!