The ultimate cheeseburger

We're big burger fans.
From real burgers with good, pure meat and fresh ingredients.
No junk rolls with dry patty and no minced meat rolls with egg and After having already eaten through various cards in American Sports bars and diners and also got to know the special burgers in the cheesecake factory (the Monterey cheeseburger) Avocado, Ruccola and Honey Mustard Mayo and Blue Cheese BLT burgers with bacon and blue cheese are highly recommended!), We still love to eat a classic cheeseburger at home.
Preferably together with friends, because everyone can make their own burger to taste and the whole can be relatively well prepared. Add a homemade Caesar's salad as a side dish and you have a super simple but delicious feasting with friends food.

And this is what we look like:
Prepared bowls on the table lettuce leaves , tomato slices , Onion rings , Cucumber slices and Cucumber slices . Ketchup and Mayo .
The big burger buns with sesame are sliced ​​and crunchy from both sides under the grill.
For a decent burger, I'd expect 250g of fresh ground beef per person . This is formed into a ball and flattened between two cutting boards. To make the whole medium, I fry these slices in a very hot grill pan in sunflower oil for about 2 min on one side, flip them over, salt and pepper this side and put a slice of Cheddar or Gouda on top. Cover over it and fry again for 2 minutes and then the burger on bread. There are also 2 slices of crispy fried bacon per person and everyone can make their favorite cheeseburger together.