Yeast pastry for breakfast

A short while ago, I stumbled upon a great way to make brioche in muffin tin at Steph's and found it very cute and practical. However, the recipe for this was too powerful for me and since I have a superduper Hefetigstandardrezept that I always master even without a recipe and Libra, today I baked this yeast dough "briocheartige" yeast for breakfast. And I also like to have yeast pots because I like to eat them too.
> works roughly like this: 500 g of flour into a bowl, 1 sachet of dry yeast , 1 tsp salt and 75 g sugar stir in with a fork. Heat 200 ml of milk and pour over the mixture. Then add to pieces and then open 1 egg . The whole thing can now either be super processed in a bread maker to a yeast dough (I like to do, but today did not think of it somehow) or you kneading now for the first time an elastic dough it. That got my kenwood awesome again. Depending on how the dough feels, you may need to add some milk or flour .
Let it cover for 1 hour, then shape it as you like.
For each 12 "yeast muffins" or 4 small yeast pots this looks like this:
Knead dough after first going and divide into 12 parts.
For the "Brioche" , make 3 balls from each of the pieces and sink them together on a piece of baking paper in a trough of a muffin tin .
For the Hefezöpfe , braid each 3 parts to a pigtail and fold over the ends. Place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
Let it rise again while the oven preheats.
1 Whisk egg with 1 pinch of salt and sugar and brush the dough with it.
Then the whole fix at about 180 ° C upper - and bottom heat or 160 ° C circulating air into the oven. The muffin dish for about 15-20 minutes, the tin with the braids about 20-25 minutes.
= "separator"> fresh brioche made from a single muffin dough
freshly baked pastry for Sunday breakfast
There is nothing better on Sunday morning on the breakfast table than warm Yeast pastry on which the butter melts. Delicious with jams and jams!
From leftovers you can make great poor knights.
I'm doing this "universal yeast dough" by now without scales and use it for all occasions. Whether as raisin mares or rolls, Easter eggs or similar. It always works and tastes great.